Hello world!

Hello, everyone. My name is David Bryant, and I’m relatively new to this blogging business. Please bear with me as I work to get the hang of it.

WordPress apparently includes a handy-dandy commenting feature for blog posts. I wonder how well I can make that work. How about that! It worked correctly on the very first try. All I had to do was enter my comment in the box and press the button that said “Post Comment”. Voila! The comment is now appearing in my “Comments” list, and at the bottom of this page.

The next thing I need to do is to add some links in this page and in my “WordPress Interface” page so I can freely move between this blog post and my “non-blog” content.

I’m a little curious: can I embed a .php script in this page? Let’s give it a try.

Well, that failed rather spectacularly! WordPress didn’t like my .php script one little bit. It turned the header tag “<?php …” into an HTML comment, then let the rest of the script appear as text. So I guess embedded .php scripts are a no-no in WordPress. You learn something new every day.

OK, that’s about it for testing the features in this blog-posting software. It’s time to start blogging for real!


David, Kathryn, and Justin
My lovely wife Kathryn, our papillon Justin, and yours truly (in disguise).
Tudie the pug
Our little pug Tudie. Isn’t she cute?


3 Replies to “Hello world!”

  1. Well look at that! There’s a little comment box at the bottom of the page. It looks as if I can just click on the “Post Comment” button to add this comment to the database. Wish me luck!

    How about that. It worked OK on the very first try. And it looks like it’s relatively easy to edit any comment, or to mark it unapproved, or even to delete it entirely.

  2. WordPress has a way to fiddle with placement of images in a “gallery”. Drop-down, IIRC, someplace in the admin interface for building an image gallery.

    If this comment shows up, your comment form functions even without scripting enable — Hooray!

    I wonder what template you’re using. Last time I tried to start fresh with WordPress, the choices for a template I tried all failed miserably without scripts enabled.

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